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Government’s latest advice? Eat less.

February 1, 2011

Am I the only person who thinks this article is a total joke?

Seriously. All the “experts” in this article are basically shocked at the news and are delighted that the advice is so simple!

If only we’d thought of this before! Wow!

“Enjoy your food, but eat less?” Absolutely not going to happen. Even if it did, going from a large Big Mac meal to a regular meal isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference in terms of health. We need to change the way we think about food from a young age.

The article says the new guidelines are “understandable and actionable,” and that guidelines in the past have been too vague, such as telling people to eat more vegetables. This could include putting a tomato on your hamburger, the article says, but the new guidelines say to fill half your plate with vegetables.

Also in the article are suggestions that we should reduce the amount of salt we eat. First it was fats, then carbs, now salts. It’s always something, but nothing ever changes.

People ignore all these warnings because we’re constantly getting told different things which are bad/good to eat, and it’s confusing. We don’t learn much about it in school, so we rely on fad diet books and confusing, or outright stupid, government information.

The last thing I want to sound like is a Tea Party nutcase, but I’m not going to trust the government when it comes to telling me what or how to eat. They’ve done a pretty poor job so far if the weight and health of the United States is any indicator, so how is this any different?

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