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Hummus Pizza

May 2, 2010

Like any pizza, there are a million different ways you can make a hummus pizza, but this is how I make it because it’s easy, cheap and very good.

I just get Basic (Sainsbury’s cheapest store brand) hummus because it tastes the same as the luxury stuff once you have all the other toppings on, and it costs about 35 pence I think.

I’ve made it with three different bases so far. I used to make it with pittas, but I really don’t like pitta bread. Pitta you get in stores is always crappy. It doesn’t taste good and it falls apart. When I got to England I decided to try making the pizzas on Indian naan bread, and that was good but not perfect. Last week I had some left over ciabatta bread from my lunches, so I cut one in half and made a pizza on each side. This is by far the best!


Bag of spinach

Red onion

Cheese (I’ve used fresh mozzarella and a sharp cheddar. I prefer cheddar)

Red bell pepper


Tzatziki sauce


All you have to do is put a generous amount of hummus on the bread, then put the spinach and chopped bell pepper and onion on top. Then add the shredded cheese, but you don’t need to add a whole lot because there is already a lot of flavor. I buy blocks of cheese and shred it myself because it’s much cheaper. I prefer the cheddar because you can use less of it since the taste is a lot stronger than fresh mozzarella. Plus I wasn’t very pleased with how the mozzarella melted.

Once it’s all assembled I put it in the oven for about 10 minutes so the pizza will get warm and the cheese will melt. If you want, drizzle the tzatziki on top when it comes out of the oven. It’s really, really good this way, but sometimes I can’t be bothered to buy the sauce because I never use the whole tub and I don’t like to waste it. It’s good either way anyway.

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