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Chicago-Style Sara Dogs

April 21, 2010

I named these dogs after myself because it’s technically not a true Chicago Dog, and people might think it was blasphemous to call it as such. Whatever it is called, it is tasty and you’ll stuff your mouth with at least two of them.

I did a lot of research and realized people are very specific about how Chicago Dogs are made! There is even a website devoted strictly to the dogs. I had one at Superdawg and it was one of those experiences where you can’t stop eating even though you feel sick. Essentially a Chicago Dog requires an all-beef dog in a poppyseed bun, chopped onion, bright green relish, peppers, tomatoes, a pickle slice, mustard and celery salt.

The celery salt really makes a big difference because my dog was on the sweeter side so it gave it a friendly little kick.

Because I don’t like raw tomatoes and couldn’t find poppyseed buns, beef hot dogs or the sport peppers they speak of, my dog did not include these items.

To make a dog of a similar fashion to the one that made me so happy last night, you’ll need:

Hot Dog Buns

Hot Dogs

Pickle Relish (if you can get the bright green Chicago style kind, then that’s obviously ideal. I had to use Branston Mustard Pickle relish but it was still good.)

White Onion, finely chopped

Sliced Pickles, or “gherkins,” as the English call them.

– Celery Salt

-Yellow Mustard


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