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April 6, 2010

I mentioned in a previous post that I have always been scared to make Asian food because I didn’t know what the ingredients were. The same goes with blended beverages and food. When I saw that the recipe required a mixer of some sort I would immediately slam the book shut.

“That’s way too complicated for me!” I thought.

Then I bought a blender this weekend. I was at Whole Foods and a lady was making samples of fruit smoothies with kale in it. I thought kale in a smoothie would be disgusting. I like kale, but it is pretty bitter. We tried the smoothie and although it was equal parts fruit and kale, it was so good!

So we made a few variations of our own and it couldn’t be easier. Even Adrian is blending!


Bunch or bag of fresh kale

Frozen berries, any type you want, but we got mixed because it was cheaper


Orange juice

Soy milk

What to do:

Obviously you don’t blend the soy milk and oj together.

The first time we blended fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries and soymilk.

The second time we blended a handful of frozen berries, a cup of orange juice, two leaves of kale and a banana.

You can make all kinds of combinations and they are super healthy. We had one as our breakfast this morning along with a hardboiled egg left over from Easter Sunday egg coloring!

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