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British-inspired baked potato

March 18, 2010

One of the most common dishes you can find in England besides Indian food and fish & chips is a jacket potato. Yes, that’s right. Indian food is basically England’s national dish, above fish & chips!

I don’t really care much for potatoes generally. I don’t dislike them, but I don’t love them either.

That is what I would have said before I tried jacket potatoes! I’m not really sure why the Brits say “jacket” because I have never seen a potato without a “jacket,” so it seems a bit redundant to me. Maybe there was mass confusion with different kinds of naked and jacketed potatoes back in the day so they had to specify, but then all the naked potatoes were killed during the potato famine and the jacket classification just carried on.

Basically it’s your standard baked potato filled with whatever crap you can think up. I say crap because a very popular filling for jacket potatoes in England is tuna salad and corn, and I really can’t think of anything worse.  You can try it though, it might be your cup of tea. Please enjoy that small joke. Tea…England…

My favorite way to have jacket potato is with bbq baked beans, cheddar cheese and coleslaw. It’s so good!! Also it’s very cheap and easy. Just pierce it with a knife several times and pop the potato in the microwave for around 10 minutes, and then if your microwave doesn’t break from the strain of cooking a single potato like mine did, cook the next one.

Then you can microwave the bbq beans, or, if your microwave breaks, you can throw them on the stove and stand there for 5 minutes waiting for the stove to heat up and get really annoyed because in the microwave they would have been done in 30 seconds and you wouldn’t be late for work.

You could also do the standard steamed  broccoli and melted cheddar cheese. That is yummy as well. I suppose I could list a dozen toppings, but this is a chance for you to really get creative because it’s so easy. Cook potato, slice, dump in filling, eat.

Here is a Web site from the BBC about jacket potatoes. I really like their description of coleslaw at the bottom!

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