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Basil Alfredo Fettuccine

March 15, 2010

Because I live in England, it’s hard to find a good fettuccine alfredo sauce in a jar. I can find White Sauce or Lasagna Sauce and every kind of spaghetti sauce you can imagine, but not alfredo. Let me tell you, White Sauce does not look appetizing and its name simply sounds ominous. I’ve never been a fan of the way Brits sometimes name things purely based on color or function, like Brown Sauce and Salad Cream. I don’t trust the stuff.

So this is what led me to say “Fug it. I’m making my own.” I got the word “fug” from a Vonnegut book. He was describing the way a character talked and he kept saying “fuggin’.” For some reason I was in a giggly mood and literally lol’d. Don’t worry. I didn’t ROFL. Just lol.

Since I wasn’t really sure what to do, I grabbed a small pot of double cream at Sainsbury’s, some fresh basil, organic 2% milk, flour, and Danish harvarti cheese to grate into the sauce for a slightly cheesy flavor. I already had the salt and pepper at home. I use budget brand pepper because pepper tastes the same to me whether it’s freshly ground or value brand.

The most important part of this recipe is the fresh tagliatelle pasta, or whatever pasta as long as it is fresh.

Initially I wasn’t sure how the flour was going to thicken the sauce, so I started out by lightly heating the pot of double cream, filling the pot with milk and combining the two. Then I put in a tablespoon of flour. I gave it a few minutes to thicken a little and then I realized it wasn’t going to be enough to feed 3 people. However much you want to make, just add more milk and a little more flour. Be sure to stir it very frequently, because as I found out it will get quite lumpy very quickly.

When you have about the amount of sauce you will need, add a big handful of finely chopped fresh basil, a little salt and a little pepper to taste. After that I shredded a handful of the cheese and let it melt into the sauce. Cook the fresh pasta last because it takes only about 5 minutes in boiling water to cook. Much faster and tastier than dried pasta!

Once the sauce is at the desired thickness, pour it over the cooked fresh pasta and then top it with a couple fresh basil leaves for color.

Overall, if you know what you are doing this is a really quick recipe. Next time I make it I’m sure it will take about a quarter of the time since I can cut out all the experimenting now!

What to do with left over ingredients:

I had quite a lot of basil left over so I used some of it to mix into a fresh spinach salad, but it can also be put on pizzas. Milk, if you can’t think of what to do with leftover milk then I probably can’t help you. The other ingredients like cheese, salt, pepper, flour are things you should have in the kitchen anyway so that’s why this is a good, cheap dish.

Shopping List:

Small pot of double cream

Mild cheese, whatever you like. I chose Harvarti


2% milk

Fresh basil leaves

salt & pepper

Fresh pasta

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